Health & Safety


At Eurosolve we put safety first. Nothing has higher priority than the safety of our employees and non-employees, which could be affected by any of our activities. We are confident that through continued investment, training and risk management, that Eurosolve has the right expertise in chemical safety, chemical transportation and chemical legislation to protect and support all involved.

We are accredited by ISO 9001:2008.

We have a DGSA advisor that you can contact if you need to at:

Declaration on REACH

We have analysed our involvement in REACH and believe ourselves to be a downstream user of chemical substances as we use substances either on their own or in preparations in the course of our industrial and professional activities. We do not believe that we will need to register any products for REACH as we do not directly import from outside the EU or manufacture chemicals ourselves.

We are collating information regarding chemical registration, evaluation and authorisation from our suppliers regarding their compliance with the REACH regulations and we do not at present see any issues with the supply of materials or the removal of any products from our inventory. Where action is required we will take the necessary steps to overcome this.