Our Services

We pride ourselves in Providing Solvent Solutions and that means offering a fully integrated service. Please note if there is something you need that is not listed please feel free to ask and we will see what we can do to accommodate your request.

Transport, Delivery and Collection

Transport is included in our price quoted and we can also offer a NEXT DAY delivery service; this is subject to confirmation; usually we like to work on a 3 day turnaround from receiving an order to delivering to our customers.

We offer deliveries of bulk solvent in tankers; delivered to your site. We offer single pot tankers, or split pot tankers so you can receive a delivery of several single solvents. We predominantly deliver in 1000 litre IBC's, we can deliver in both Plastic and metal UN approved containers. Also we can offer the option of smaller sizes generally required in minimum composites in 205 ltr drums or 25 ltr tubs.


Single Solvent Streams

We supply single streams of solvent; we sell it in bulk tanker loads, IBC's (1000ltrs), Drums (205ltr) and tubs (25 ltr). If there is a product you cannot spot listed on this page; please call or email on the details provided at the top of the page. We often buy solvent that isn't listed for specific customers.

Solvent Blending

We have the facilities to blend solvents to certain ratios relating to their applications. We have potting stations on site isolated for certain products.

Solvent Sourcing

We can look to purchase any solvent we do not stock if it is economically viable for all parties concerned. Please email us:

Solvent Recycling

We have recycled solvents available for customers who want a cheaper option when cleaning and washing their equipment for example printing plates. Some customers do not have solvent waste to distil as a toll recovery and therefore need to purchase our surplus recycled material produced from closed loop cycles. Whatever solvent you require we can commit to providing with minimum contamination from any other industries or streams of solvent.

Toll Recovery

We offer a service where we take away your hazardous waste solvent and we can then recycle it on a closed loop and provide it back to you to wash down your equipment etc. This service is bespoke to individual customers and depends on analysis and type of hazardous waste. This procedure however is definitely helping to reduce your carbon footprint: every little helps!

Solvent Waste Management

We have an arm of the company that focuses specifically on offering a fully integrated Hazardous Waste management service. This is driven by the Managing Directors experience and background in Waste Management. We can come to your site and give you our expertise and advise on the best routes to recycle or dispose all of your hazardous waste.

Technical Consultancy

Our Technical Director will personally come and visit your site; view your procedure's and applications and offer technical advice and support in order to buy the most efficient and cost effective product for you particular use. This is FREE of charge.