Single Solvent Streams

We supply single streams of solvent, we sell and deliver it in bulk tanker loads, IBC's (1000ltrs), Drums (205ltr) and tubs (25 ltr). We mainly stock the 6 Solvents :

However we often have other products in stock; and we will always purchase a bespoke solvent in for customers if it is commercially viable for both parties; we like to conduct our business with a 'win, win' ethos.

Ethanol is our main seller and this is supplied to many different industries; inks, paint and coatings, pharmaceutical, automotive etc. Ethanol comes in different specifications; and our customers need an authorisation to receive the product, just as we have the authorisation to purchase and distribute it.

We stock IDA 99% (Industrial Denatured Alcohol), which was previously called IMS (Industrial Methylated Spirits), TSDA 3 which is Trade Specific Denatured Alcohol 3, IDA 96%, and we can supply IDA 94%. Further details on ethanol specifications and denaturing are on the Ethanol product page.

Normal Propyl acetate is a big seller too; we buy large stocks of this in per month. Eurosolve also buy large stocks of Ethyl Acetate, Methoxy Propanol, Normly Propyl, Isopropanol and Ethoxy Propanol. 

Solvent Blends

At Eurosolve we have the facilities to blend solvents to certain formulas relating to your specific applications, ensuring consistent quality. We have potting stations on site isolated for certain products. 


'time is money...'

We understand 'time is money' and that blending and mixing solvents on your own site; is inconvenient and without a doubt inefficient. Therefore using our service can aid your production and save you time mixing and preparing solvents.

This also eliminates any concern about contamination or exposure that may occur as a result of solvent blending on your own site. We have set areas for each solvent category and dedicated potting vessels and storage containers, reducing the ability of any other contaminations.

We offer a technical consultancy service where we can recommend the best blended formula for your application. Our Technical team will come out and see you and get a better understanding of your application and give advice on any changes they think would help increase efficiency for your product.

Solvent blending offers many benefits, mainly:

  • Can reduce your overhead costs

  • Increases efficiency

  • Enables you to focus on your job and fulfil your production without distraction

  • Increase product continuity

  • Reduces contamination from other in-house products


We have a tank farm onsite; and dedicated mixing vessels. We can make small blends from 25lt; to bulk loads. As listed in our product range we have some blends we experience high demand for and therefore create large stocks of the formula; this increases continuity further. All blends are processed through our rigorous Quality Checks in our own Laboratory facilities to ensure product quality and integrity.

The following QC Lab testing is available; Distillation test, Density test (Specific Gravity)and GLC index testing.

Solvent Sourcing

Solvent Sourcing

Here at Eurosolve we know the solvent market well and do our best to source our products as best we can. The purchasing team have an extensive list of international contacts and constantly assess what manufacturer or supplier to purchase from based on the best price. Globally solvent pricing follows trends as it is a commodity product; however contacts with some of the largest producers and distributors in the world, helps us to increase our purchasing power and ultimately the ability to quote our customers as competitively as possible.

'We import from all over the world...' 

We import from all over the world and have contacts in the likes of China, India, Turkey and Dubai. We believe that we can source you any solvent that we do not stock, as long as it is economically viable for all parties concerned. 

We discover and deal with lots of different solvents across many industries and if there is something you need; we are pretty certain we can find a good manufacture or supplier.

Please note that we can source different specifications of solvent; we can source recycled solvent (which can help to improve your carbon footprint), technical grade solvent, or non-conformance contaminated solvent- that still functions 100% normally but has slight odour or colour contamination. The different grades are applicable to different industries and will only work in certain applications; but may be economically advantageous to the automotive or alternative fuel industries.

Please get in touch if you need a certain product sourced.

Solvent Recycling

We like to do our bit at Eurosolve and help the environment. so why don't you utilise our services and join in. We have two options that can help you help the environment and reduce your carbon footprint; or at least not add to it!

Toll Recovery

We offer a service where we take away your hazardous waste solvent and we can then recycle it on a closed loop and provide it back to you to wash/ clean down your equipment with etc. 

'This service is bespoke to individual customers...'

This service is bespoke to individual customers and depends on the analysis and type of hazardous waste solvent. Generally speaking we deal with the printing industry and their ink sludge; thinner ink sludge can be recycled and sent back in to you for a charge. This lowers your outgoings as you won't be using clean 'new' solvent to clean your machinery and therefore utilising your resources.

This procedure is definitely helping to reduce your carbon footprint, and just remember; every little helps!

Recycled Print wash for cleaning

Our second option is mixed recycled solvents; available for customers who want a cheaper option when cleaning and washing their equipment for example printing plates. Some customers do not have solvent waste to distil as a toll recovery and therefore need to purchase our surplus recycled material produced from closed loop cycles. Whatever solvent you require we can commit to providing you with wash up blends with minimum contamination from other industries.